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One of Taba's many charms lies in its striking coastline, a feature that applies above as well as below water. Although less well known as a Red Sea diving holiday destination than Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada, diving centers in Taba, Egypt, offer interesting diving, including all levels of scuba diving certification. Among the best dive sites in Taba are Pharaoh's Island with its fish rich coral slope.

The Fjord with its vast colorful coral patches and teeny glassfish, and Marsa el Muqabila with its large barracuda and batfish schools. You can see the locations of these sites in our Taba dive sites map.

One of the best aspects about Taba is the prolific presence of frogfish (also known as anglerfish), a marine species that is rare elsewhere in the Red Sea. If you are an observant diver you may be able to spy these intriguing creatures within a short distance from shore. Farther away from the coast you can catch sight of eagle rays, great barracuda, jacks and tuna roaming by.


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Taba Safaga Marsa Alam

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