History - Tawfiq Pasha

Khedive of Egypt 1879-1892.
Tawfiq had a difficult start for his reign, inheriting a bankrupt state and naturall being associated with the catastrophy of the former ruler, his father Ismail Pasha. He was early on challenged by the officer Ahmad Orabi Pasha, and sought even more British aid to control his position.




1852 April 30: Born in Cairo, Egypt, as son of Ismail.
1879: After that his father has been dethroned as ruler of Egypt by the Ottoman sultan, Tawfiq is made new khedive of Egypt.
1881: Is forced by a group of military officers under the leadership of Ahmad Orabi Pasha to reinstate a Chamber of Notables. These changes were strongly opposed by Britain and France, but Orabi continued to pressure Tawfiq.
1882: Is forced to appoint Orabi as Minister for War.
— August: As Orabi becomes increasingly popular, Tawfiq seeks European support to retain his position.
— September:The British occupies Cairo an defeats Orabi, and reinstate Tawfiq, now a weak ruler functioning as a British puppet.
1892 January 7: Dies in Helwan, south of Cairo, Egypt. He is succeeded by his son Abbas 2.


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