History - Abbas 1

Viceroy of Egypt 1849-1854, regent under Muhammad Ali 1848-1849 serving under the Ottoman Empire.

Abbas 1 was considered to be extremely reactionary and suspicious towards Europeans and European-educated Egyptians. He suspended several of the reforms started by Muhammad Ali, by closing or neglecting schools and factories, stopping the construction of the Delta Dam, opposing the construction of the Suez Canal. He opposed the Tanzimat reforms from the Ottoman sultan.
The only modern advances under his reign was the construction of the railway from Alexandria to Cairo.

Yet, his policy was not without its goods. By reducing the state spending the taxes imposed on the poor became milder, there were less compulsory labour and less army conscription.




1813: Born, as son of Tusun Pasha and grandson of Muhammad Ali.
1848 November 10: Ibrahim Pasha dies, and Abbas becomes regent under Muhammad Ali who had become senile.
1849 August 2: Muhammad Ali dies, and Abbas becomes new viceroy.
1853: Sends an expeditionary force to help the Ottoman troops in the Crimean War.
1854 July 13: Strangled by two of his slaves in Benha Palace. He is succeeded by Said Pasha, his uncle.


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