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The forgotten capital
Tanis is like no other site in Egypt, and the journey getting there is very much a part of the total experience. So do not fall asleep. You will have to travel through the green and completely flat Nile delta . And then, suddenly, weird brown mounds rise above the ground. where only a couple of simple huts mark where the ruins of Tanis are.

When you are there all by yourself, knowing that it was Egypt's capital for more than 350 years, and that the main temple was among the largest ever built in Egypt, your imagination is tickled.

Tanis has many fine statues, great reliefs, unusually many nilometers and some royal tombs built according to patterns not used since the Old Kingdom mastabas.

Tanis has plenty of obelisks, most lie on the ground.

The greatest temple  
Nowadays it is used by local men for bathing, but foreign female visitors will not be denied entry. It was formerly used by local brides for bathing, but that practice has now moved to the nearby Tamusi bath, which is more secluded.
Cleopatra's Pool has a little cafe, sheltered from the sun and good for hot days.


Temple of Khonsu &Temple of Horus
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Temple of Khonsu

Temple of Horus


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