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The New Valley Oases occupies some 67% of the Western Desert and 45.8% of the total area of Egypt. It lies 602 km. from Cairo and 232 km. from Assyut. It’s bordered by the Governorate of Matruh in the north, Sudan in the south, Libya in the west, and the Governorates of Middle Egypt in the east. It includes the Kharga, Dakhla, Farafrah and Paris oases with more than 99 monuments dating to different ages.

The area enjoys a mixture of the desert environment, green plains, wells, and sulphur-rich springs, both cold and hot. In one spring, the water temperature reaches 43 C and is suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and digestive ailments, colds and allergies.The oases are famed for their dry climate most of the year, and humidity never exceeds 9.5%. Warm, sunny winters allow them to be an international health spa.



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